Buy Safes Hobart Tasmania

Buy Safes Hobart Tasmania


Just Safes are you local Hobart online safe experts. With a wide range of safes and seamless online ordering w have you covered for all your quality safe needs.

Depending on your needs for a quality safe our experts offer friendly advice to what safe may suit for your individual needs.

What to consider when purchasing a safe:


Fire Rating

Depending on the type of safe you are looking to purchase a fire rating is a must for most safes. Fire ratings can range from 30 minutes up to a few hours and provide great protection for paper jewellery and cash in the event of a fire.

Security or Cash Rating

A safe security rating is usually measured by a suggested cash rating. The higher the quality of the safe the higher the cash rating. A cheaper end safe, whilst somewhat secure, may have a few thousand dollar cash rating where as a higher end safe can offer a cash rating ranging from $25,000 up to $500,000.

Locking Deice

Depending on individual requirements or preferences the type of locking device can play a vital role. The most simple of all locking devices is a simple key lock, whilst a key locking device is the most simple use depending on the safe and lock type they can also be the least secure depending on the keyway.

A combination lock is another type of locking device used on many safes. Whilst combination locks are do require require precision movement and multiple turns to unlock the safe, combination locks can be the most reliable type of locking device due to the self lubrication brass inner workings.

Digital safes locks are the most common for many due to the simplistic design and ease of use. Digital locks can have a 4-6 pin code depending on the type of lock and are much easier to use. Deleting old codes and adding new codes are much easier with a digital safe safe over a combination and key lock.


Buy Safes Hobart Tasmania


Buy Safes Hobart Tasmania