Home Safes Tasmania

Home Safes Tasmania


Just Safes offer a wide range of home safes to suit almost any budget and specifications. With easy online ordering and friendly staff Just Safes will go above and beyond to ensure we provide the best possible service.
Just Safes is a locally owned and operated Australian business, all our safes are of the highest quality and are backed by our guarantee and warranty.


Types of Home Safes

As there are many types of home safes it is important to get the right information on choosing the right safe for you.
Most safes come with a suggested “cash rating” and “fire rating”. The cash rating is determined by the safe manufacturer to give an indication on an insurable amount for said safe and it also gives you an indication on the quality of the safe.
A safe with a $2000 cash rating wont have the quality or security of a safe with a $50,000 cash rating.

The fire rating is given to a safe depending on its fire resistance. Most fire rated safe come with a minimum of 30 minutes and can range up to a few hours depending on the safe specifications.

Locking mechanisms play another important factor when choosing a safe. The most common types are dial combination locks, key only lock and digital locking.

Combination locks are generally made entirely of brass, being self lubricating. Combination locks need to be dialed exactly to the number giving little to no margin for error.

Key operated locks are simple in design and offer great security for smaller basic safes. Quality key locks are much harder to pick open.
Digital locking mechanisms are the most popular today. Digital safe locks are very reliable and offer great easy of use a long with security.

Home Safes Tasmania

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