Safe Sales Tasmania

Safe Sales Tasmania


If you are looking for a new safe or just looking to upgrade Just Safes has your covered with our wide range of safes available through our online store. Ordering is as easy as selecting the safe and entering your delivery details. Our online prices are highly competitive and we always will strive to go above and beyond for our customers.

We delivery Nation wide to all areas of Australia, our postage is highly competitive and well priced, alternatively we allow third party companies to pick safes should you wish to organise your own shipping.

Not sure what safe and specifications suit best? Just Safes offer free friendly advice to help you choose the right safe. We only sell high quality safes, a safe is an investment, you wouldn’t purchase a cheap safe to store valuables in, that defeats the whole purpose of having a safe to begin with.

Types of Safes

Many safes can be categorised into different sections eg. Home safe, office safe, pharmacy safe, hotel safe, rifle safe, pistol safe, bank safe, in floor safe and wall safe. Depending on your individual needs we can help find the right safe for you.

Another important factor when choosing a safe is to decide the type of locking device fitted. The three main locking devices safes can be fitted with are key, combination dial and digital. Digital is the most popular locking device for many modern safes due to the simplistic design and ease of use.

Safe Installation

Installing a safe can be a big factor to how secure the safe is. We always recommend, when possible, to install a safe into a concrete slap with 2-4 dynabolts holding the safe down into the concrete. If a small high security or fire safe is simply sitting on the ground not bolted in any way, then it is more than likely if it was to be stolen the thieves will carry off the safe to break into it in privacy.



Safe Sales Tasmania


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