Federal Round Body Padlock

Federal Round Body Padlock

Federal include a selection of round bodied padlocks amongst their range to satisfy any customers needs. This range of domsetic use round padlocks has been succesfully used in the market place for many years to this point and seems to have no indication of losing their market appeal. Features include:

- Have a laser welded stainless steel body and can be used in many external situations
- Has a pin tumbler cylinder made of brass
- Double ball shackle locking
- Padlock has a body diameter of 70mm with a thickness of 30mm
- Shackle diameter of 11mm, shackle depth of 25mm & shackle opening of 23mm
- Being round, the padlock design offers a degree of boltcutter resistance
- Available in keyed to differ & keyed alike in groups

Price: $28.80 inc GST

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